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  • 15 mm - 49 mm (120)
  • 49 mm - 51 mm (206)
  • 51 mm - 56 mm (1390)
  • 56 mm - 75 mm (87)


  • below 800,01 R (3)
  • 800,01 R - 1 200,01 R (42)
  • 1 200,01 R - 2 499,98 R (1113)
  • 2 499,98 R - 2 999,94 R (237)
  • 2 999,94 R - 4 499,99 R (391)
  • 4 499,99 R - 8 000,06 R (15)
  • above 8 000,06 R (2)


  • IN VOGUE (7)
  • CLASSICS (5)
  • ICONS (5)
  • SUPREMA (4)

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Eyewear Persol PO3007V 24 - Brown, Havanna
R2 028,52
Eyewear Burberry BE2128 3316 - Brown, Havanna
R1 976,51
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX7046 5365 - Brown, Havanna
R1 196,31
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX5114 5064 - Brown, Havanna
R1 508,39
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX7097 2012 - Brown, Havanna
R1 664,43
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX5228 2012 - Brown, Havanna
R1 768,46
Eyewear Polo PH2083 5007 - Brown, Havanna
R1 560,40
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX5187 2445 - Brown, Havanna
R1 508,39
Eyewear Ralph RA7020 601 - Brown, Havanna
R1 040,27
Eyewear Boss BOSS 0679 DWJ - Havanna
R2 080,54
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX5268 5211 - Brown, Havanna
R1 352,35
Eyewear Polo PH2083 5003 - Brown, Havanna
R1 560,40
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX5228 5057 - Brown, Havanna
R1 768,46
Eyewear Ralph RA7039 1072 - Brown, Havanna
R1 040,27
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX5150 5023 - Brown, Havanna
R1 612,42
Eyewear Persol PO3092V 9015 - Brown, Havanna
R2 028,52
Eyewear Polo PH2150 5007 - Brown, Havanna
R1 664,43
Eyewear Ralph RA7021 599 - Brown, Havanna
R1 040,27
Eyewear Prada PR 21SV 7S01O1 - Brown, Havanna
R2 184,56
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX5228 5409 - Brown, Havanna
R1 768,46
Eyewear Burberry BE2205 3002 - Brown, Havanna
R2 080,54
Eyewear Vogue VO2787 1916 - Brown, Havanna
R1 144,30
Eyewear Persol PO3085V 9001 - Brown, Havanna
R2 028,52
Eyewear Polo PH2128 5491 - Brown, Havanna
R1 560,40
Eyewear Ralph RA7021 601 - Brown, Havanna
R1 040,27
Eyewear Prada PR 16MV 2AU1O1 - Brown, Havanna
R1 872,48
Eyewear Polo PH2057 5003 - Brown, Havanna
R1 456,38
Eyewear Persol PO3107V 24 - Brown, Havanna
R2 548,66
Eyewear Vogue VO2814 2019 - Brown, Havanna
R1 144,30
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX5283 2144 - Brown, Havanna
R1 664,43
Eyewear Prada PR 10SV 7S01O1 - Brown, Havanna
R2 184,56
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From the perspective of Edel-Optics, the world would be inconceivable without fashionable eyewear: men’s and women’s eyewear, kids’ eyewear, gamer glasses, reading glasses, glasses for nerds or glasses with or without a prescription. We have pretty much everything by the big brands and designers, except perhaps goggles for welders. Our motto is SEE AND BE SEEN or in other words "It depends on the look".
Style icon Jérôme Boateng with his eyewear brand JB exclusive at Edel-Optics

Which eyewear suits you: try on online

With over 40,000 products on our website, we have enough in stock for everyone to find the exact model that perfectly expresses their own individual style. And with our daily updated best prices, we have the latest eyewear trends in our online eyewear outlet practically always at a sale price. Whether you know exactly what your most conspicuous accessory for 2016 looks like or just simply want to find out if Ray-Ban, Gucci, Prada or Tom Ford would suit you better, you will find the full range of major brands and designer’s releases at Edel-Optics. If you need some assistance in selecting the eyewear, you’ll find plenty of tips on our site e.g. which eyewear matches which face and how do I find out which lens width or frame size is best for me. We have also recently started to offer more and more models with the possibility of trying on online. Look for the virtual mirror icon on the product detail page and put your favourite frames on to your virtual nose via your webcam or by uploading a photo. Since we offer free return shipping, you can alternatively make the final decision among your eyewear favourites at home in front of your own mirror.


Price comparison is not the only way we want to set ourselves apart from other online opticians. Edel-Optics’ ultimate aim is to create a thoroughly compelling shopping experiences for their customers, because finding the right eyewear to pair with your favourite sneakers or new handbag should be downright fun. It also means that our customer support is available by phone or email and our staff will be delighted to help you if you have questions regarding the order process or handling returns. Our service also includes optional express delivery, so your eager anticipation will be short lived because next day delivery is often guaranteed. Paying on account is also part of our overall package in terms of service.

Your questions are our favourite topics

Our enthusiasm for the subject of eyewear does not end when we ship the designer eyewear in its case to the customer. We also have other important issues: how to clean the eyewear properly or how to put a dislodged lens back into the frame. As our focus is on the sale of eyewear online, we are often asked how the frame can be adjusted to a perfect fit. Our frames come with a standard pre-adjustment and most of our customers are totally satisfied with the fit. If this not the case, Phil, our eyewear expert can be of assistance which will help you adjust the majority of our frames yourselves. As we have nothing but eyewear in mind, we are constantly updating our blog, so it's worth checking it out every week if you want to stay up to date on fashion and lifestyle and everything related to round or square eyewear: "The world through the eyes of Edel-Optics"
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